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Ex- gratia grant to widow dependent of employee ( for any reason of death)th


Grant to employee for full disability due to accident .th


Grant to employee for 50% disability due to accident .th



    • 1. The beneficiary should be working in the Establishment, registered under Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1965 and his contribution towards labour welfare fund should regularly been received in Board.

    • 2. The death certificate of the beneficiary was duly issued by the Registrar Birth & Death and shall be enclosed with the application.

    • 3. In case of accidental death of the beneficiary, attested copy of DDR or FIR or Post mortem report shall be attached with the application.

    • 4. Certificate of complete disablement / partial disablement duly obtained from the Civil Surgeon office shall be attached with the application.

    • 5. In case of death of beneficiary his dependent widow should be apply for this scheme within one year from the date of death.

    Note:   In case of delayed submission of forms, Worthy Welfare Commissioner may condone the delay period

    Note:   Principal employer will verify the fact that beneficiary has not availed any financial assistance from any other Govt. body. In case any false information, Principal employer will be liable to refund the amount provided to beneficiary for any scheme.

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